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About Us

Who We Are

Marketparameters is the unique concept where financial market professionals have taken the onus of creating a strong knowledge bank in their area of expertise by bridging the gap between theory and practice and by incorporating the practical mode of imparting training.

Marketparameters with its strong background in Indian financial services is well suited to offer practical oriented learning courses on the capital market for the relevant candidates. Whether one is considering taking his/her career to the next level or enhancing existing skill sets or expanding the personal knowledge base, Marketparameters through its scientifically designed courses can help one achieving these goals.

The benefits of trading in share market is you need no office, no team, no working hours and no traveling hassles it is time consuming with profit gaining work from home is also possible no large amount of investment just with minimum capital investing can earn maximum gain.

We are conducting courses from the year 2010 and since then has trained many students and has been part of life changing experience of many.

Adish Mehta

CEO & Founder

Our aim is to improve financial literacy amonng investors/traders/learners community.With a better understanding of charts, you can perform consistently in market.


  • To become a benchmark training center for capital markets in India
  • To maintain quality and dignity of education
  • To maintain strong association with industry players
  • To become the most preferred training center for traders and analysts
  • To focus on building knowledge wealth in society
  • To work towards uplifting the society through social commitments and training initiatives
  • To aware people that share market is no gambling, it’s a kind of business to earn profit
Futures and commodities investments offer investors with more complex investing needs a way to potentially profit from both the upward and downward movement.

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